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The Zoological Society of Montreal was incorporated in 1964 with the principal objectives:

For 50 years, the Society has been actively and successfully working towards these goals. At the invitation of the City of Montreal, the Society presented a pavilion on endangered wildlife at Man and His World for four consecutive summers. Canadian wildlife, extinct and threatened, was featured in the extensive exhibition. The Zoological Society was pivotal in drawing attention to the plight of the St. Lawrence Beluga whale and has worked extensively to protect this endangered mammal. Throughout the years, the Society has been active in numerous conservation issues, both national and international. Much remains to be accomplished, however, and we need your support in order to continue our work in the future.

Who We Are

The Zoological Society of Montreal is a non–profit organization depending solely upon the support of its members in order to operate. The Society in turn, donates funds and in some cases, organizes specific fundraising events to benefit vital conservation projects. For example, the Society adopted a Beluga or white whale to sponsor research by the St. Lawrence National Institute of Ecotoxicology. The Society has also purchased over 50 acres of Central American rain forest in a World Wildlife Fund program to protect the dwindling habitats of countless animal and plant species. Most recently, the Society has become actively involved in a conservation project with the Nature Conservancy Canada, in which its main objective is to protect the endangered Eastern Spiny Softshell Turtle and its habitat in the Missisquoi Bay area. The Society also supports the work of the Center for the Care and Rehabilitation of Injured Birds of La Monteregie.

Monthly Meetings

From September to May of each year, lecture and film presentations are given by eminent zoologists, conservationists, photographers and wildlife artists.

Field Trips

Red Fox
Fox in Mont Tremblant Park, one of our regular destinations.
(Gary Jones Photo)
Throughout the year, field trips are organized to visit wildlife sanctuaries, national and provincial parks and museums. Many of our field trips are organized for birdwatchers. The Society was the first to sponsor whale watching trips to the Saguenay region of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, where one of the most accessible concentrations
Whale near Tadoussac
Whale near Tadoussac
(George Midgley Photo)
of whales in the world is to be found. The Society started these trips in 1970 in order to gain a better understanding of these magnificent mammals. For details, see the Whale Watch page.

Monthly Newsletter

The Zoological Society's newsletter is published monthly and includes regional and international conservation news, as well as information on the Society's programs and activities.

A Brief History of our First Twenty-Five Years

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For further information, please contact the Zoological Society of Montreal at:

1117 Ste–Catherine Street West, Suite 525
Montreal, Quebec
Canada   H3B 1H9

Tel: (514) 845–8317


Office hours:   Monday to Friday — 10:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

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